Foleyvision: Japanese Spiderman

Japanese Spiderman

Sometimes I have to change it up.  I can't just watch movies, sometimes I need to watch foreign 70's kids shows based on American Superheroes with all of the audio and voices done live in the theater.  You know because that is just how I roll. 

So in Japan, everyone has to have a giant robot, even spiderman.  This was pretty much just like an episode of the Might Morphin Power Rangers, except with spiderman instead.  There was a bag guy, then a fight, then the bad guy got huge, then spiderman called on his Voltron look alike robot and fought the giant monster, until someone died.  Usually it was not spiderman.

Sounds horrible right?  Well not if you have Foleyvision!  What is Foleyvision?  Well it's a show at the Alamo Drafthouse, where real Foley Artists make the sounds, dialogue and music in the theater live.  They made the show quite funny.  Without them I would have killed myself, if I had to watch one and a half hours of this horrible adaptation of Spider-Man.  Good humor, neat sound effects, and a really funny base subject which to exploit made for another great show at The Alamo Drafthouse.  Keep an eye out for other Foleyvision shows coming up at the Drafthouse.

4 stars 

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