Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

Pirates 3 Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 168 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: So like, who is the bad guy?

I feel horrible, so I apologize in advance for this review, if it sucks.  Not that any of my other reviews don't suck, this one just might be especially worthless.  This movie would of had to do a lot of things wrong to get a low rating from me.  It just has everything that seems so great in a movie, that unless they really dropped the ball it was going to have a solid rating.  However I think that they didn't just splatter something up there, I feel like they did pretty well with a lot of this movie.  

Visually, the movie was, as the previous, stellar.  Wonderful sets, shots, and fights.  Nothing to complain about in any of this.  I thought the Far East, and some other portions that were new locations were very well thought out and executed with a portrayal that was magical and visually appealing and not cheesy at all.  Overall ILM should be praised at their special effect work, especially the end battle at sea.

Where visually we soar, in story we are a bit weaker.  For the first half of the movie I was completely confused.  Even now I am confused about the process at which we come to the end, and if Jack and his crew had plans or these characters had no idea what was going on and they just got lucky.  There was so much backstabbing, questioning, betrayal and alliances going all directions that I was left going in the end, did we really need all of this.  It made for good movie scenes, but kinda detracted from the smooth glass surface that was the rest of the series, and the greatness of Captain Jack Sparrow.  

I must give a small paragraph to Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), who just stole the movie.  What I felt in the first movie with Captain Jack Sparrow, I felt this time with Barbossa.  He was electric.  He commanded his ship and the audiences attention with every word spoken.  It was an amazing performance, and he helped make this movie as good as I left it was. 

I think unless you are a hardcore fan and must have perfection, you are not going to be disappointed.  This seems to be why the fans are glowing about part 3, while the critics are being critics.  I left this movie was well worth the watch, and I felt the end maybe the last 40 minutes, was a 5 star movie.  The beginning wasn't a 5 star movie however, so we are going with a 4, but I think most people will have plenty of fun with Captain Jack 1 last time…for now.

4 stars

  • Captain Jack always seems to just get lucky, but so lucky that you suspect he planned it the whole time. I don’t think tehy’ll ever clear that up for us, and that’s half the fun!

    As a hardcore fan, I loved it!!!

    Don’t forget to stay & wait to watch the bit after the credits, though I have to admit that was the only part of the movie that pissed me off! haha

    The Draft House food special all sounded yummy, so I tried both the crab cakes AND the banana turnover with rum raisins & cocnut ice cream! YUM!

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