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Ain't it Cool News and Fantastic Fest present
Director Patrick Read Johnson and special guests live in person for a sneak preview screening of
at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown on June 6, 7:00 PM


As of right now there are still food voucher reservations for the free sneak preview of 5-25-77.   I figured I would post about it to tell some people that might not have seen it else ware that they have a chance to check it out.  Lib and I are going and hopefully it should be a good flick for any Star Wars Geeks out there.   Here is the description from The Alamo Drafthouse site.


"To everybody else, movies are something to do when you're tired of living real life. To you, real life is something to do when you're tired of watching movies."

That quote is from 5-25-77, an autobiographical , coming-of-age story from writer/director Patrick Read Johnson, all about his final, life-changing, 24 hours as the only science-fiction-obsessed teen filmmaker in his rural home town of Wadsworth, Illinois, on the day STAR WARS opened… May 25th, 1977. Will seeing one movie really change Patrick's entire destiny? All he knows for sure is that the Death Star could take out the Enterprise with one shot.

Produced by the legendary Gary Kurtz (whom you might know from producing a modest sci-fi film in the 1970s called "Star Wars" that you might have seen) and directed by Patrick Read Johnson (Spaced Invaders, Angus), starring John Francis Daley (Sam Weir from FREAKS & GEEKS!), and with years worth of Internet buzz, 5-25-77 is practically guaranteed to please the inner geek in anyone.

The film premiered on 5-25-2007 at the official Star Wars Celebration IV Convention to rave reviews. Since Austin's Ain't It Cool News constitutes one of the fanboy epicenters of the universe, we are next in line for this long-awaited treat.

Join us at the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema downtown for a special sneak preview screening of 5-25-77 with director Patrick Rad Johnson and special guests live in person on June 6 at 7:00. This screening is free. Reservations are available now first to Fantastic Fest badge holders and Heroes of the Alamo members by pre-purchasing a $10 food/drink voucher at the Alamo downtown website. The remainder of seats will be open to the general public online at 5:00 PM on Friday, June 1. 


So if it sounds good come on down and check it out.  Here is a link to get your food vouchers.    

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