Arctic Tale

Artic Tale

Rated: G

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Polar Bear and Walrus nudity.

One Sentence:  It's like March Of The Penguins on the other side of the Earth. 

With the success of March Of The Penguins, there had to be something else coming.  The low cost of making the movie, and high box office return was just too good to pass up.  Also the success of An Inconvient Truth made the producers think about green movies, and how hot global warming is right now.  So the only logical thing is to mix them together. 

Arctic Tale follows the lives of 2 different Arctic animals, A Polar Bear Family and A Walrus Family, with one star baby in each group.  The story is shown through a far away camera lens over 8 years time and narration.  It seems very similar to March Of The Penguins, and at first, I think that it will work.  However I think here lightning did not strike twice. 

This movie is far more political than March, and has a very large Global Warming spin on it, while I am in support of anything we can do to raise awareness, it seems to have tainted the purity that March had.  The scenes seemed pieced together from separate scenes sometimes to tell a story that didn't actually occur, and the quality of most of the shots was far lower than the penguin counterpart.  It lacked the beauty, power, and harshness of the climate and challenge the animals faced.  Also I am not sure if I liked Queen Latifah as the narrator, she was mostly ok, but sometimes didn't touch me as the best choice.  

The movie is a good movie, and I think has a great message, that we all need to be aware of.  I know not everyone agrees with that message.  However I think they just laid it on very thick, and maybe that was the intention, to lay it on very thick.  I think people need to be aware that this message is coming to them and it is targeted at their kids.  So if you want to talk to them about it and help them understand climate change and why the ice is disappearing then I think it is good movie for the whole family.  A little bit of death goes on however, shot from afar. 

3 Stars

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