Superbad Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 114 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: 1 Pair

One Sentence:  The word "fuck" is used 186 times in the movie.

The high school getting laid movie is a staple of American Culture.  It is as important or possibly more important that most films that win academy awards.  There is always someone willing to bring up when Allison Hannigan said she stuck a flute up her vag, but do you hear anyone wanting to talk about Babel after the Academy Awards are over.  Not really.  So the next in a long line of almost always awesome genre of movies, is Superbad, and it was Superbad. 

Highly vulgar, highly funny, and just awesome.  The jokes are solid, and the dialog is superb.  Casting and the characters were all perfect with Jonah Hill being the best lead character.  Newbie Christopher Mintz-Plasse did very well as the super gangster McLovin.  Everything worked in this movie, and I think this cast carried the movie all the way. 

However the cast would not have been anything without the killer script by Seth Rogan, and Evan Goldberg who started writing the script when they were 13 years old.  The movie is just funny from the very beginning to the very end.  It is not recommended for kids at all.  I do not know if I had heard more swearing in a movie before.  However if that doesn't bother you then Superbad is one to check out.  I would go see it in the theater, but it is not a necessity to see in the theater.  So you can just add it to the queue.  

5 Stars 

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