Jason Goes To Hell

Jason Goes To Hell Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 91 Minutes

Year: 1993

Boobs: 5

One Sentence: Jason goes to hell, well maybe not really.  

So technically now I have seen all the Friday the 13th's and Nightmare on Elm Streets.  I still have to watch FvJ again and Jason X.  Which I will write reviews for both, but I have seen both of them before.  So now that I am done I can reflect on the whole Freddy Vs Jason thing, and I can say for sure, Freddy wins.

Jason goes to hell was the first from New Line Cinema who bought the rights to the series from Paramount.  New Line is who owned and created Nightmare On Elm Street, so I was expecting something a little different with this Friday the 13th.  I did get something different and I would not say it was for the better.  First Jason is missing for 80% of this movie.  Which is totally lame.  They went with this plot line that took Jason out of most of the movie, and it really made the whole movie feel weaker.  Also I have no idea how he is alive again.  In the previous movies, they addressed how he came back to life, in this one, he just is alive.  Supposedly there is a comic book that explains this, but I am not reading those comics, and before today didn't even know they existed.  So how is Jason alive.  I guess when you get to part 9 of a series, you just don't ask questions.  

It had a different feel and really jumped the shark on story, not that the story before now wasn't jumping the shark, but they took it to the next level.  Outside of the story they really kicked in the blood, boobs, and killings.  Which was very welcome.  They had an excellent death scene in a tent, and really stepped up the blood.  It was nice to really feel like I am getting my R rating.   So while the story was a little wild, the rest of the movie was pretty good.  

However on the whole I would say that the 10 Jason movies, were on average 2 stars worse than the 7 Freddy movies.  The Jason movies were just slower, less creative, had less lore, and were by far less scary.  I know I am older, and that could have effected me, but I just don't feel scared watching these Jason movies, and I still feel scared watching Nightmare.  Jason Goes To Hell is an ok edition to the series, that is rentable, but not amazing.

3 Stars 

  • So, does Boobs:5 mean there are five actual boobs? Or does that mean there are 5 PAIRS of boobs?

    I like boobs…

  • skye hockley

    i love that film

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