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Fantastic Fest Day 7

We finally got into a secret screening last night.  We were the last 5 people to get into the theater.  It was amazing.  We barely made it.  So it gives me hope for today, which is the closing movie.  I hope we can get in.     The secret screening was The Orphanage a ghost/horror […]

Fantastic Fest Day 6

Only 1 movie last night, but wonderful sleep. This is the so far highest rated movie at Fantastic Fest.  Timecrimes, is a time travel movie, that is low key, smart, and in the sense of true science fiction.  It is this wonderful little package of a movie, with scary elements, sexy elements, and sci-fi elements, […]

Fantastic Fest Day 5

Too tired…to write…………………………   Aachi & Ssipak was weird, and action packed and funny and weird.  It involves poop, cyborg, drug laced popsicles, and non-stop action.  Sounds good right?  It was pretty good, but also felt long, even though it wasn't.  I think that might be my mind playing tricks on me though because I […]

Fantastic Fest Day 4

About 12 hours yesterday, only 4 movies.  I said yesterday the plan was for 6, but I double booked, to make sure I had everything planned so there were only 5 planned.  I didn't get into the secret screening at midnight, but that is ok, sleep is good too.  The kitty should be fine, we […]

Fantastic Fest Day 3

So we didn't make it to movie 3 last night, it was a midnight movie and Libertie wasn't feeling well.  So only 2 movie reviews today, but I feel rested, last night I felt really tired and slept in the theater before a movie so taking a break I think was helpful because tonight we […]

Fantastic Fest Day 2

Fantastic Fest Day 2, we are getting into the groove now. It seemed a lot less busy, at least we got into everything we wanted to.  No extra activities going on today, but that is fine, because there were more movies to see and I think they were better than day 1, well 2 of […]

Fantastic Fest Day 1

Hot quail, blood splattered employees, the fire department, a signing tesla, George Romero, Bruce Lee sound alikes, and some movies.  This was Fantastic Fest Day 1.  We got to the Alamo about 5:30 we were running late, Lib was sick and has been a trooper, going even though she is carrying the plague.  We picked […]

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