Fantastic Fest Day 4

About 12 hours yesterday, only 4 movies.  I said yesterday the plan was for 6, but I double booked, to make sure I had everything planned so there were only 5 planned.  I didn't get into the secret screening at midnight, but that is ok, sleep is good too.  The kitty should be fine, we are going to pick him up today from the vet, they said everything is ok though. 


Death Note

Death Note is something huge in Japan right now.  Manga, movies, TV show, action figures, it's all very crazy, and I think well it should be, becuase Death Note was awesome.  A thriller, detective movie, Death Note takes elements from the spirit world, magic, and just good old fashion cops vs robbers to make an excellent movie.  This one should be available to rent and is highly recommended.  The best feature I have seen at Fantastic Fest.  I still liked the Moebius documentary better, but this was the best fiction feature.  

Death Note: The Last Note

Death Note: The Last Note, was showing right after part 1.  How nice for us, because we were excited after just seeing Death Note 1.  This one got a little bit muddy in the middle.  There was a lot of stuff going on and I got a little confused.  It was a bigger story, and with that I think they lost track a little, but it was still good and I am still a fan for the second.  Supposedly there is a third coming down the pipe, I hope so, I would like to check it out.  Both of these movies are high on the rent list if you like anything Japan/Anime style, you will love them.  

Son Of Rambow

The crowds were very large and the theater completly full for Son Of Rambow.  I am not sure why I had heard no buzz about it, and it seemed like a kids movie.   After watching it, I am still wondering about the buzz.  It was good, not great.  It was set in the 80's, they seemed to have some fun with that, clothing and music, and those things were funny, but it just didn't hit the mark like everyone else seemed to think it did.  It was a cute kids movie with a nice lesson and was slightly funny, that's it.  Rent it for the kids when it comes out on DVD.  


Throughout the festival since it played, people have been talking about Mirage Men, Mirage Men this, have you seen Mirage Men?  OMG Mirage Men, I am seeing it later in the week.  Kiltro is these guys first movie.   Marko Zaror is the lead for this story of love, and revenge.  This was the first Martial Arts movie to come out of South America and it is great.  Awesome fight scenes, a total badass bad guy, and a cute touching story that gets dark and leads to anger and revenge.  The direction Ernesto Díaz Espinoza and Marko seem to be the stars of this years Fantastic Fest, standing ovations, people talking about their movies, and autographs and photos galore.  If you have a chance to see Kiltro check it out they might have a DVD release next year.  Keep an eye out for my Mirage Men reviewer later in the week. 

So I have learned that if I don't have a VIP pass or a press pass I am not getting into secret screenings, one of them was Southland Tales, which is coming out soon.  The others I am not sure what they were.  I am not sure if I want to get VIP next year because well I have had so much good luck with the less popular movies, they are the ones that have been the best so far.  I have a whole year to decide.  Keep an eye out for more reviews tomorrow.  

  • IChiGo vyHArA

    w ngefaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnssssssssssss baaaaaaaaaaangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddd ma DEATH NOTE………GILEEEEEEEEEEEE TUH KOMIK BKN GW DEG-DEGAN ABIZ,MUTER OTAK,MIKIR,POKOX BYK DEEEEEECH

  • Sakura

    Hey awsome pictures….this kinda off subject but does anyone here licene to TOKIO HOTEL?? they are German, though they do speak english; if you hadn’t heard of them then you should really go and search them. X)

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