Comfortable Affliction

Comfortable Affliction

Rated: NR

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Good idea, but needs more skills.

A group from Hawaii called 5' Giants makes movies and asked me to check out Comfortable Affliction.  A story about love, and what happens when love is lost.  Sometimes, you fade away, just like the love you lost.  This movie is available on DVD at the 5' Giants website, along with all their feature length and short films.  

Comfortable Affliction is an independent all the way.  Low budget, low quality, and low lighting, leaves a lot to be desired here.  The opening scene is a coloring sequence and is well shot, well lit, and is a great pull in, however it doesn't keep up.  Soon we are met with so-so lighting situations, set's and costumes that make you hunger for a few more dollars being spent here and there to up the level of this film.  I understand it's hard sometimes to make these things count, but unless your writing is the tip top caliber, then these other things people are going to notice, and I noticed them here. 

The story is actually kind of neat.  It is a new idea at least that I have seen about the loss of love and what happens when you suddenly lose love.  The story can do well and should be kept and built up.  It is solid and I think has a chance going farther.  But again with the lower quality everything here, it just didn't have it's day in the sun, in it's current form.  The acting too leaves something to be desired here.  I didn't feel the urgency of the situations that the actors were dealing with.  

With all these things together, it had an uphill battle, and just a pretty cool storyline isn't going to carry it.  However these guys do have the right idea, and if they keep working at it, I think they can have some better stuff coming down the pipe.  If you want to check out all of their info they are at 5' Giants Productions.  

2 Stars

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