DOA: Dead Or Alive


Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Maybe the best video game movie ever made.

I wanted to see DOA in the theater.  I love Jamie Pressly, I think she is hilarious, and isn't bad to look at.  So I wanted to go support her movie, because no one else was going to see it.  This movie did so badly in the theater, it was maybe the worst box office showing I had ever seen.  Something like 250,000 dollars, not even a million on opening weekend.  Horrible.  Which is a shame, because if I was to compare this video game movie to every other movie based on a video game, I think this might be the best one.  And I am not bull shitting you. 

Someone didn't tell these guys they were making a video game movie, because really it is pretty good.  I mean for a video game movie.  The sets, cgi, and everything that costs money for the movie was done well.  The sets were grand and expansive.  The costumes were good, and the cgi was solid looking.   It was well shot, and the fight scenes were choreographed well I would even say it was impressive.  

The movie is almost just like the game, hot girls in bikinis flighting, and has even a beach volleyball game based off the spin off game, DOA Beach Volleyball.  The subplot of each of the fighters doesn't suck at all, and really it does what it intendeds to do and I think does it well.  This movie is not going to win any awards, but it is the ultimate 13 year old boy movie, and I think it really should be checked out by anyone that is just looking for popcorn.  DOA impressed me a lot more than any other video game movie out there. 

4 Stars

  • vinodsaini


  • Axel Wedstar

    I rather liked this film, any who says it’s a bad film hasn’t seen any bad films.

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