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Hitman Review

\ Rated: R Running Time: 100 minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: 1 Pair One Sentence: Most white men should not shave their head bald.   Video game movies, are like this whole other genre of movies.  They are usually horrible, have a lacking plot that is the sub plot of the combination of many games in […]

No Country For Old Men Review

Rated: R Running Time: 122 Minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: A violent masterpiece. This movie is just wonderful in every way.  The Coen Brothers again have woven a wonderful tale that is dark, powerful and visually beautiful.  It is violent, and dismal, but within those painful scenes, which are bloody and painful to […]

Meet The Robinsons

Rated: G Running Time: 102 minutes Year: 2007 One Sentence: Disney Vs Pixar So Disney got the idea that Pixar was making tons of money becuase they made their movies with CG.  That was the key to a good movie.  Disney was smart, had tons of amazing hits in the 90's and figured they could […]


Rated: PG Running Time: 107 Minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: 2 hours of smiles and laughter. I might be one of very few men in the world that after they saw the preview for Enchanted turned to his girl friend and said, I really want to see that.  I am a Disney dork […]


Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 113 Minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: One sorta pair One Sentence: It's all very creepy looking. I like cartoon animation a lot.  Pixar, Disney, and all the like, as long as it is cartoony I will probably like it in some way.  However recently, well not super recently but since Shrek 1, […]

Mr. Brooks

Rated: R Running Time: 120 Minutes Year: 2007 Boobs: One Pair One Sentence: Did you know Demi Moore and William Hurt were in this movie? I personally have no issues with Kevin Costner, I actually would probably say I like him very much.  My mom likes him, he kind of reminds me of my dad […]

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