Meet The Robinsons

Meet The Robinsons Poster

Rated: G

Running Time: 102 minutes

Year: 2007

One Sentence: Disney Vs Pixar

So Disney got the idea that Pixar was making tons of money becuase they made their movies with CG.  That was the key to a good movie.  Disney was smart, had tons of amazing hits in the 90's and figured they could apply that work to CG art and destroy Pixar.  Meet the Robinsons was one of those projects, and it did not destroy anything Pixar.  In the end Disney bought Pixar instead.  A better move.  However the "failure" of Meet the Robinsons, does not mean that it was a horrible movie, I actually quite enjoyed this future flick.

The Robinsons has all those things that we seem to love about Disney movies, well except for a princess.  But it has a lesson, was funny, cute, happy, bright, and had some solid characters.  I do not think any of the characters were memorable, and are not going to have rides modeled after them, but they were at least good enough to keep me interested through the movie.  I think a T-rex ride would be awesome though.   

While this movie had all those things that I think we look for, they were all lacking from the normal Disney quality, or the excellent quality of Pixar to deliver.  There was not that next layer of depth that makes it so much more amazing.  The attention to detail was lacking. The story, was cute, but not especially heart warming.   The villan was more of a idiot savant than a mastermind that stuck fear into the hearts of CG inventors across the world (this movie is about inventors).  So while I think it looked cool, and was a cute movie to watch it is a very weak competitor to the string of Pixar giants.  The kids will enjoy it and you won't pull your hair out watching it so if you are looking for something else, this won't be too bad to pick up. 

3 Stars 

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