Teeth Poster

Rated: R  Very R

Running Time: 88 Minutes

Year: 2008

Boobs: One Pair

One Sentence:  This is one fucked up movie right here.

Vagina Dentata, that is the myth that spawned the writer/director to make this movie.  It is the myth of a woman with a toothy vagina, and that a hero must come to slay the savage beast, after she have taken the manhood of many before.  I am not lying to you at all.  So last night I got to see Teeth, which had a lot of the movie filmed in Austin.  

Let's just say that this movie, pushes the limits of what a rated R movie should be and delivers on probably all levels that you want it to.   If there is something you feel like this movie did not deliver, then I think that you might want to seek some sort of professional help becuase anything above and beyond what is shown here, is just in the mind of madness.  This movie itself might also come from that same mad mind.  It deals with a lot of things, and shows a lot of things, things I probably could have done without seeing for the rest of my life. 

However Teeth is not just your regular run of the mill toothy vagina legend story.  Oh no, there is more to it than that.  It deals with teen sexuality, redemption, revenge, purity, family and a big rottweiler.  The movie is funny in some parts, and just fucked up in others.  It is totally out of the scope of what you are imagining it is, and actually I would say that if you can handle the subject matter, you might want to go see it.  The people in the theater talking to the director last night said that the tag line should be, bring your little sister.  It has a lot going on, and while messed up, it also is quite the good movie with a good story, and good message, so I am going to say yes on this one.  It opens in NY and LA today, and 7 more cities next week, including Austin.  So try to check it out if you can. 

4 Stars 

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