Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 112 minutes

Year: 2008

Boobs: Some on pics, and man wang

One Sentence: Date movie of the year.

I drink up the Judd Apatow kool-aid a lot.  He has done a lot for comedy over the last few years and I am all for it.  He is casting non-beautiful guys, writers, and just a good group of people in his films.  He is bringing together comic and non-comic actors, a lot of male nudity, and all doing it with a lot of humor.  Well not counting Drillbit Taylor, but they can't all be comedy gold.  So when I got the press invite for Forgetting Sarah Marshall I was very excited, which is usually a bad thing.  If I get too hyped about a movie, which I was, then it usually sets my expectations too high and I am let down.  Again, Drillbit Taylor.  

I want to state right here, that I am not that excited about the male nudity, but I do feel that it is a step in the right direction with the artistic freedom of movies, and that it should be ok, and that male nudity like female nudity deserves an R rating and not an NC-17.

Ok back to Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  I love Kristen Bell, she is cute, and I just thought she always gave off that cool vibe, so I felt she was wonderfully cast in this movie.  I am glad she got the role.  Mila Kunis was just amazing looking.  A little bit abrasive I though for the part, but still looked amazing, and really did a good job.  However the men bring it hardcore in this movie.  From the Samoan at the hotel to the bartender, to Paul Rudd as the surfing instructor and the two main male characters.  Russell Brand as the lead singer of a band that Sarah Marshall left her boyfriend of 5 years for, and the dumped boyfriend, Jason Segel, who also wrote the movie.  All of these guys, just delivered great parts and really brought the movie together. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasn't just a well acted movie.  It did what some others that came before have done.  They touched on the real emotions and parts of reality that we all have felt and understand and tied it together with crazy characters and situations that while a little silly and insane, really bring a great message and story to us.  It delivers laughs and sadness and a tough break up situation and makes us all feel ok about it, laugh about it, and really experience this event happening to these people.  I can't say enough good things about this movie.  Go see it when it comes out this Friday the 18th. 

5 Stars

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