Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Speed Racer The Next Generation

Rated: NR

Running Time: 66 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Good for kids, not for old speed racer fans. 

I am one of the only people so far that seemed to like the new Speed Racer movie, the rest of you are crazy.  So Lionsgate and Shawn over at M80 sent me a copy of the next Speed Racer cartoon to go along with the awesomeness of the movie.   This is a 1-2 punch to get Speed Racer all over the place.  They are also releasing the original series on 5 DVD's so it's Speed all over the place.  I had not heard about Speed Racer: The Next Generation, but I told them I would check it out.  

First the good, the idea, is awesome.  New Speed Racer, new art, new animation, a new car, story, kids, it all works, in the idea department.  The new art, and track ideas that they came up with really work for kids of today.  Technology along with robots and a cooler car than the original mach 5  make this toon totally work for the kid demographic.  I think if your kids liked Speed Racer, this is a good quality movie to pick up as well that will continue the story from where Speed Racer left off.

Now for the bad.  This movie is made for kids, and when I say for kids, I mean that in a way that means not for the family at all.  Adults, will be rolling their eyes, at horrible jokes, overactive characters that will annoy, and a plot line that will not really keep you interested at all.  The animation is layered a little weird, and looks a little off.  So I don't think older Speed fans will go for The Next Generation, but I think any kids that liked the movie would do much better off with this version than the classic DVD's.  So pick it up for the kids, and stay away from it when it is playing, it's out on DVD now. 

2 Stars 


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