Fantastic Fest is over!

The Reviewer
The Reviewer waiting for a movie at Fantastic Fest

Well it is over.  7 days, I believe we counted that we saw 17 movies.  That is an average of 2.5 a day approximately.  As you can see from the pic I might have been a little tired, laptop, write review, see another movie, write review, pass out, die.  You know all for the movies, but I have to say that I had an wonderful time at Fantastic Fest.  I was surprised at how many movies were so great this year, and how many I heard about that were good that I just could not get to.  I did not even get into City Of Ember, so I think the review for that is not coming until after the 10th.  But I did go to the closing night party in longhorn caverns, which was excellent.  There are two sets of great pics of the closing night party with Bill Murray if you want to check them out below.

So what would I pick as the must see movies of Fantastic Fest?  If I was going to pick 3 movies that you have to see this year, in some form, DVD, theater, or whatever way you have to, see these movies!

JCVD   The real life fiction story about Jean-Claude Van Damm was just amazing.  Truly an unexpected delight and a great movie.  It is not what you expect at all and I think is well worth the French subtitles. 

Terra    A unheard of animated movie that did not fall into the normal family movie traps.  Terra is an amazing mix of wonderful animation and a great story.  Best animated movie at Fantastic Fest. 

Zach and Miri Make A Porno  Funniest movie of the year so far.  I was just floored by how much I liked Kevin Smith's next movie.  I expected to like it but not love it and I loved this movie.  Comes out on Halloween and I think everyone should go see it. 


So there you go that is it for this year's Fantastic Fest.  Stay Tuned for more from next year if I can make it through it.  Now I am going to sleep for the next week.  

  • looks like you had fun there, will have to check van dams video out also looking forward to kevin smiths new film.

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