Sex Drive

Sex Drive Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 109 minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: 4 Pairs of boobs.

One Sentence: Another sex teen comedy, with a giant doughnut suit.

Here we go again, teens, driving, sex, The Amish, it seems like this formula is always followed in these types of movies.  I guess it works, who doesn't love a good old teen comedy about sex.  Apparently everyone loves them, becuase they keep on making them.  This one resembles a lot of others, and really doesn't have that much new to it so I can't get all excited about it.  So here we go Sex Drive. 

An unlikeable teen virgin meets girl on internet and drives across country to do it with her.  Journey brings together his best guy friend and his best girl friend, and hilarity ensues.  Some of that hilarity was actually funny, there are parts of this movie, that work for me.  Adult rated R comedy that made me laugh out loud and the whole audience as well.  So I liked that for sure.  Seth Green was wonderful, as an Amish man, he really was great.  Everything that guy touches turnes to gold.  So go Seth, you did great as usual.  

Seth Green does not a movie make.  The main characters all were dumb idiot teens, that I didn't really care about.  The main character, who's name escapes me now, did not make me want him to get the girl, or any girl, he was far too whiney and annoying for me to care.  The story was overdone, and recycled, and except for the few funny parts, there is not much here that makes me want to reccomend seeing it, and to top it all off there is a scene with Fall Out Boy.  This made me feel like they are really stretching here for something.  I would say skip it in the theater and rental, it just is not good enough to reccomend. 

2 Stars 

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