Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 95 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: A family movie that forgot about the family. 

Since about 1993 or so the word family movie has become not only a movie for kids but a movie for everyone in the family.  Disney and the other teams really worked hard and making movies enjoyable for everyone, this included more adult style humor, and little touches that an adult would notice and enjoy in a movie.  This has led me to become a big fan of family movies, even though I don't have kids.  Pixar has delivered time after time great movies that I enjoyed very much, and recently Enchanted was another movie I could not get enough of.  So I figured a Disney/Happy Madison production would be at least slightly enjoyable, but this one isn't for the adults I guess. 

Happy Madison always made me laugh, the movies were stupid but they were enjoyable to me, I was really expecting this year's Enchanted.  IT did not deliver.  This movie is geared comepltly toward kids and does not have anything at all for adults.  The jokes are kid centric, and at no point do they deliever anything funny for the adults.  They completly forgot that kids can't get to the movie theater by themselves and you have to suffer for it. 

The movie is not smart, funny, witty, or have a good plot.  Adam Sandler is not dumb but loveable like in his other movies, in this one he is just dumb.  The magical moments that I would of hoped to occur during the bedtime stories are weak CG based fluff without that level of magic that I would expect to come from a Disney movie.  It reminded me of something weak like Spy Kids 3, not anything worthy of a Christmas Day release.  I am very disappointed with this movie as I really hoped it would be the Christmas movie for you all to go see, but I guess not.  I would say skip completely you don't even need to rent this one later, your kids will be even ok missing it. 

2 Stars 

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