The Unborn

The Unborn Poster


Running Time: 87 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Sirius Black is a Rabbi. 

Well it is after Christmas, and slowly getting past Oscar time, this is the time when the worst crap of the year has a high chance of coming out.  These are the movies that do not market well, the studios don't think are that good, or generally are just not really worth putting up in any other time of the year.  The dreary movie months.  The Unborn gets the dictinction of my first review of 2009, and completly fits in with the not really worth talking about middle of Janunary release. 

I think this was a horror movie, except for the not being scary part.  There were demons and Nazi's and flashes of light and jumping things, you know all those things that are supposed to be in a horror movie to make it scary.  There was a hot girl, and something happens, and there is a family history and bla bla bla, scary moment, and there is Sirius Black, bla bla bla, the end.  This is about as interesting as The Unborn gets. 

I would not say this movie was bad at all, it was sort of a new idea, at least it delt with Jewish mythology instead of Christian mythology, but that idea wasn't enough to make the movie that good.  It was very short, lacked depth, or any real good reasoning for the things to be happening to said hot girl, and it just sort of ended with I guess a sort of "twist" ending, that wasn't very good.  The movie just kind of told it's story quickly and it didn't care if you knew the details, and it also didn't care if it was going to scare you, because it got your 8 bucks and now you have to go home.  So don't give this movie the satisfaction of paying for it, I wouldn't rent it either. 

2 Stars 

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