Race To Witch Mountain

Race To Witch Mountain Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Nice Disney fluff that everyone can go see. 

Up until now the remakes are all movies I had seen before, and mostly horror or adult action.  This is probably the first remake I can think of where I know abotu the original, but either don't remember it or haven't seen it.  I do remember that my parents or someone in my family liked the originals, but that is just about all I can remember, so for the first time I think I might get the idea of a remake.  This is to retell a story, not for those that saw the original, but for a new generation to attempt to make a once classic a new classic.  Doesn't mean I agree with it, it just means I might acutally get it now. 

Race stars Dwayne Johnson as a cab driver in Las Vegas and 2 alien kids show up and various stuff happens.  I like Dwayne, I think he is funny, charming, good looking, and does not mind making fun of himself or his past.  So the movie automatically gets points for casting him in a nice lead role for the family.  He worked well and played the Disney part well.  The alien kids were creepy and unappealing, however it is possible they were meant to be so as they were aliens, but I don't think that was the idea, and they just ended up being a little too creepy for me to care about them too much.  The movie included all types of sci-fi convention nerds and jokes and it made for an additional good time in the movie. 

The story is generally what you might have gathered from the preview and is fine for all ages.  The action is tame, but still good for a PG movie, and the content is as I think properly rated as PG.  A little bit agressive in some parts, but I don't think bad for any bigger kids, and I think the movie is entertaining enough that the parents won't be stuck there in pain for an hour and a half.  The movie is entertaining as a Disney action movie can be and I think was just fine.  I would not say it's a must see or anything, but if you end up seeing it in the theater or at home, I don't think you will be upset with having seen it.

3 Stars 

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