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Eclipse Movie Review

One Sentence: Less topless dudes, more action. Rated PG-13 Running Time: 124 Minutes Release Date: 30-June-2010 Nudity: None Bella Swan is a heart trampling whore, and I say that in the nicest way possible.  What I am really saying is, after 3 movies I actually care about the characters in Eclipse, at least slightly.  It […]

Toy Story 3 Movie Review

One Sentence: The third is about a third as good.  Rated: G Running Time: 108 Minutes Release Date: 18-June-2010 Nudity: None Pixar is an amazing company that makes amazing movies that are wonderful for everyone in the family.  They have broken new ground in the world of storytelling and animation and in my opinion is […]

Get Him To The Greek Movie Review

One Sentence: A lot more than the trailers show.  Rated: R Running Time: 109 Minutes Release Date: 04-June-2010 Nudity Boobs Forgetting Sarah Marshall was my favorite movie of 2008, and in it was a character named Aldous Snow.  That character got his own new movie, spin off style in Get Him To The Greek.  Directed […]

Splice Movie Review

One Sentence: They should have aborted this baby. Rated: R Running Time: 104 Minutes Release Date: 04-June-2010 Nudity: What some might consider boobs.  Why do you make a movie that is hard to watch.  Usually it takes you out of your comfort zone for a reason, to scare, to make a statement, to make you […]

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