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Dinner For Schmucks Movie Review

One Sentence: Why does awkward and uncomfortable mean comedy? Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 110 Minutes Release Date: 30-Jul-2010 Nudity: None I think my least favorite type of movie is the type of movie where it is awkward, weird, mean spirited, and not really that funny, when it is supposed to be.  Dinner For Schmucks is […]

Inception Movie Review

One Sentence: The Best Movie Of The Year Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 148 Minutes Release Date: 16-Jul-2010 Nudity: None This movie is not based on a book, and was written by Christopher Nolan as an original screenplay.  This movie is proof that there are original ideas in Hollywood and they can work, and we don't […]

The Kids Are All Right Movie Review

One Sentence: This movie has nothing to do with Lesbians.  Rated: R Running Time: 104 Minutes Release Date: 09-Jul-2010 Nudity: 2 sets of boobs and lots of sex.  So the story for this movie that you will get from the trailers if you live in a city where this movie might be screened is, that […]

Despicable Me

One Sentence: Everything I wanted in Toy Story 3 was in Despicable Me. Rated: PG Running Time: 95 Minutes Release Date: 09-Jul-2010 Nudity: None Sorry about this late review I have been sick and today just gained awareness of the world around me today.  So without further ado the review for the second best animated […]

The Last Airbender Movie Review

One Sentence: One of the best stories I have seen in a long time that got ruined by becoming a movie.  Rated: PG Running Time: 103 Minutes Release Date: 01-July-2010 Nudity: None All I knew about The Last Airbender is that it was a cartoon on Nickelodeon.  I didn't know that it would be an […]

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