Faster Movie Review

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One Sentence: This movie wasn't over fast enough. 

Rated: R

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Release Date: 24-Nov-2010

Nudity: None and there is even a strip club scene. 

So Harry Potter is out, and Tangled is coming out, so CBS is thinking we will make a movie for the men that they can go to on Thanksgiving and get away from the family.  I am assuming this is why they are putting out this revenge movie starring Dwayne Johnson over Thanksgiving.  Anything is better than having to see a cartoon movie, right Dad?  Well if your choice is Faster, I would pick the cartoon girl with the blond hair. 

This movie has the perfect storm of a poorly made movie.  A weak story, not a lot of good action, a confusing ending that needs to be served on a plate, little sub-plot references that never get addressed, and a whole bunch of characters that make no sense.   This movie should have been called Guy Shoots People.  I don't even get the title of this movie, I see no reason why it was called Faster.  I see no reason why anyone needs to pay or even rent this movie.  There was even a strip club scene where all the girls were wearing tops.  The movie is rated R, why have a strip club scene without topless girls.  Nothing in this movie makes any sense.  

I can not give you a single reason to see this movie at all, ever.  Go see anything else in the theater this weekend, it will be better than Faster.  Sorry guys gonna have to spend some time with your family. 

2 Stars 

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