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Puss In Boots Movie Review

One Sentence: Pretty good for a spin off Rated: PG Release Date: 28-Oct-2011 Nudity: None I hear ya, it’s a spin off.  Others might see it as a cash grab.  That Puss In Boots is nothing more than a direct to DVD movie they added 3-D to in hopes of making a bunch of quick […]

Anonymous Movie Review

One Sentence: The director of 10,000 BC takes on Shakespeare and Drama, and handles it quite well. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 28-Oct-2011 Nudity: None If there is one thing Roland Emmerich does well it is spectacle. If it is Aliens destroying the world, cold chasing you into a building or claiming that someone else wrote […]

Real Steel Movie Review

One Sentence: The best, worst mash up of Rocky, Transformers and and Over The Top. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: October 7th Nudity: None According to the credits this movie is based off of a short story, but they look like rock em sock em robots to me. Either way, this movie is pretty much about […]

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