Puss In Boots Movie Review

Puss In Boots Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Pretty good for a spin off

Rated: PG

Release Date: 28-Oct-2011

Nudity: None

I hear ya, it’s a spin off.  Others might see it as a cash grab.  That Puss In Boots is nothing more than a direct to DVD movie they added 3-D to in hopes of making a bunch of quick cash.  I have heard that a lot from people who haven’t seen it, and while it might be those things, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good enough to go see.

Puss In Boots lacks the fun and charm of the fairy tale world that appears in Shrek instead going for a smaller world that takes place in only one small Spanish themed city.  While this focuses the story it does seem to feel like it is missing that magic that the world of Shrek had around it.  This focus and smaller movie leads to a bit more story, a bit more action, and a fun but different style of movie.  No Donkey, No Shrek, No Purple dragon or Gingy, but it does have Puss and he is pretty great by himself.  It is hard to think about this movie in a different way after seeing 4 Shrek movies and this is where some might have issues.  It is a good fun movie, but it isn’t a great Shrek movie.  It is damn better than Shrek 3 though.  You have to go into it thinking nothing about the past and expect nothing and you should be fine.

Puss In Boots is a good family movie, it is funny, fun, action packed, and has an hour and an half of Puss In Boots.  It will keep you and your kids entertained, but it isn’t a movie you are going to want to own on DVD later.  You might even forget you ever saw it.  It is just barely good enough for the family choice this weekend.  The 3-D is good though so it is recommended for the extra cash if you want to spend it.

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