New Year’s Eve Movie Review

New Year's Eve Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: 3 musical numbers, 2 funny jokes, 1 horrible movie, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 09-Dec-2011

Nudity: None

Ugh, do I really have to spend the time to write about 300 words about this movie.  It had more than 300 stars in it, so I guess I could try to muster up the strength to give them each one word.  Although some of them don’t even deserve one word.  There were too many of them, with too many plot lines that were not fleshed out.  I don’t even know why half of them were in the movie, they were not connected to anyone else.  This felt like the cheaper, crappier, American, “Love Actually.”

I almost didn’t enjoy a single moment of this movie, however there were two jokes that made me laugh.  One of which was from Sofia Vergara and the other I don’t remember where it was from.  The movie has to be pretty bad however if I can count on one hand the times I laughed at a comedy movie.  It also had three musical numbers just thrown into it.  Oh it’s time for a random song in between all these plot lines that we have to make work.  We have time for crappy songs too!   You could see the editing in the movie.  You could see lines cut off midstream for time.  Lines that mattered for the plot.  There was a scene with a cell phone in a cup of rice.  As if to imply that said phone got wet.  There was no reference to the phone, it getting wet, or it not working.  There were tons of moments like this throughout the movie.  Lines cut, scenes cut, and feeling all on the cutting room floor.

I really can not think of a single reason why anyone would want to go see this movie.  I am talking to you ladies, thinking that this will be a fun Christmas movie to take your man to.  It is not.  You would have much more fun going to your mother-in-laws house and attempting to tell her how to correctly cook a Christmas Turkey than watch New Year’s Eve.

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