Brave Movie Review

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One Sentence: I have already forgotten the movie.

Rated: PG

Release Date: 22-June-2012

Nudity: Man butt

It is sad to write, but I don’t remember much about Brave.  I do remember the amazing hair that the main character Princess Merida had in the movie.  As a child and an adult.  It really looked amazing.  Hair is not enough to carry the movie as we have already learned from Tangled, which I thought was a far more fun and exciting movie than Brave.

When I say I don’t remember the movie from just seeing it last night, I mean that I have to strain to think about what happened in the movie.  The story was very simple, stale, and not something of Pixar’s quality.  It felt weak, the characters were easily forgotten, and if Merida didn’t have that hair, there wouldn’t be a single character I would expect to see as a doll, a character in the parks or seeing kids dress up as on Halloween.  Not that a movie should be about that, but some of Pixar’s old quality is about the amazing characters, and we didn’t have that here.  It was a lot of family fighting, and then an actual physical fight at the end.  That was the whole movie, and it just didn’t feel like a Pixar movie at all.  It felt bleh.

I think your kids might be bored with this one.  In the screening I was in, it didn’t feel like the movie had the kids attention and a theater full of bored kids is not something you want to be going to.  The 3-d was forgetful and not worth paying the extra for.  Overall I think if you can get away with your kids not seeing this in the theater, it is worth the attempt to get it past them and wait for it on DVD.  It just wasn’t good enough for the cost and the headache of all those kids not liking the movie.

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