ParaNorman Movie Review

ParaNorman Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Great Halloween movie, in August.

Rated: PG

Release Date: 17-Aug-2012

Nudity: None

I can get into Halloween early, it is my birthday after all.  But it is August 17th, we have over 2 moths until Halloween, so when Focus decided to release ParaNorman this early I thought it was an odd choice.  I know there are 2 other Halloween animated movies coming out before Halloween, but in August?  Soon we will have Christmas movies in July.

Now just because I am complaining about Halloween creep doesn’t mean that this movie isn’t a fun little creepy movie.  I think it is a great time, with amazing art direction.  It had a creepy vibe filled with comedy, which seems like a hard thing to do.  It walked a fine line keeping it safe enough for kids to see, and gross enough to call it a Halloween movie.  The faces were a little bit weird, but everything else was great.  Good story, good comedy, funny gross out scenes and a very good ending.  It took me a while to warm up to the weird faces, but once I got ok with them, I warmed up to ParaNorman completely.

If you are not ready to get into the Halloween vibe until the temps drop below 100, you might have a couple of weeks you can wait to see ParaNorman.  I would see it in the theater though.  It is fun and pretty enough to justify it, and if you can make it till September till you see it, I think this is a great movie to get you into that Halloween mood.

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