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Cloud Atlas Movie Review

One Sentence: Bold, confusing, awesome film making, that might be good or might be horrible. Rated: R Release Date: 26-Oct-2012 Nudity: Boobs Everything is connected. That is the tagline for Cloud Atlas.  Like there is a connection between The Wachowski’s and confusing multi-layered universes with complex questions about life, artificial life, butterfly effects and what […]

Sinister Movie Review

One Sentence: I wouldn’t read this review if you want a 100% fresh experience with this one, and you might. Rated: R Release Date: 12-Oct-2012 Nudity: None Sinister opens with a cold, shocking opening with a 8mm reel sound playing.  The clicking and silence display a chilling scene that is well shot and leave you […]

Argo Movie Review

One Sentence: Ben Affleck can make tense movies. Rated: R Release Date: 12-Oct-2012 Nudity: None After “The Town,” came out, and the amazing trailers for Argo.  I was just too excited to see the next subject from Ben Affleck.  It sounds so funny writing that, but he has really been a staple in my movie […]

Seven Psychopaths Movie Review

One Sentence: A wonderfully L.A. pulp film. Rated: R Release Date: 12-Oct-2012 Nudity: Boobs So this is a  movie I didn’t expect, or even knew was coming.  A wonderful ensemble movie that takes place in the middle of L.A. about, movies, dogs, gangstas, and psychopaths.  I saw the preview last week and I didn’t know […]

Frankenweenie Movie Review

One Sentence: Halloween Perfection Rated: PG Release Date: 05-Oct-2012 Nudity: None I wasn’t expecting much from Frankenweenie.  Tim Burton has been in what I feel is a slump, Disney has been hit and miss, and I didn’t like the idea of the whole movie being in Black and White 3-D.  With the technology we have, […]

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