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One Sentence: The movie is kind of like it’s poster.

Rated: R

Release Date: 12-Apr-2013

Nudity: Rosario Dawson full nudity.

Throughout the years I have learned to love Danny Boyle, even Sunshine.  He is in your face, with music, lights, sound, and story.  It is all pushed out in front of you and he does not shy away from what he is trying to do.  His movies feel like they should be worse than they are.  He is so extreme that you think that this movie should not work, but they usually being great.  Trance is another one of these movies that I think should not work, but does.

Trance is an odd movie, part love story, part art history, and part heist movie, it has to do a lot to get it’s point across.  For the most part it does this well, walking a thin line between reality, and the world of fantasy and memory.  The story is very layered and gets pulled apart slowly, leaving you wondering what is happening and what is going to happen next.  You know this movie is going to be one with an ending that is shocking or not what you expected and I think Trance delivers on that.  Overall it is a satisfying story…but.

It has that hint of Danny Boyle being Danny Boyle, which as I have said makes you feel like this shouldn’t be a good movie.  Trance I think is a little bit too much Sunshine and not enough Slumdog Millionaire.  It is good, it is quality, it is interesting, and it has some scenes that make you think, that a joke is being played on you, that is only funny to Danny Boyle.  It leaves you questioning the integrity of the rest of the movie.  It is classic Danny Boyle.  Which as I have said, I have learned to love, but it might just be a little too much Danny Boyle for everyone else.

3 Stars


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