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One Sentence: 4K looks amazing.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 19-Apr-2013

Nudity: Booty

I was not buying into the 4k hype.  That Oblivion was shot in 4k.  I just didn’t care because most projectors do not show an image at 4k.  I thought this was another Hobbit, shot at 48fps and that looked just awful.  Oblivion was the complete opposite.  It was stunningly beautiful.  I saw Oblivion on a IMAX screen, and I could have just watched it with no sound for the whole movie.  It was just jaw dropping how amazing it looked.  If this is the future of movies I hope every movie is shot in 4k and presented on an IMAX screen because it is rare that I say you must see a movie on IMAX, but Oblivion is one of those movies.  All of the technical elements of this movie were stellar.  The music, sound, and the CG were just amazing.  It is the new bar in technical achievement in film.   This is enough for you to go see this movie in IMAX in my opinion.

The movie itself is solid.  I am not expecting any awards for best movie of the year.  It is an interesting story, with some plot twists.  It was good enough to carry the movie.  I felt there was a little bit of that blockbuster Hollywood cheese, but it wasn’t so bad that it stuck out.  It wasn’t like Armageddon.  Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, no surprises, and he is fine.  The cast is actually quite small and they all deliver what they need to for this film.  I had a very good time, and it is a great mix of story and beauty.

If you have an IMAX within an hour of you, go see this movie in an IMAX.  It is just amazing.  It really is worth the extra money.  It is not only  beautiful, but is what I hope is a look at the future of moving making, and it looks amazing.

4 Stars for Oblivion


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