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World War Z Movie Review

One Sentence: The scariest depiction of Zombies across the world. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits Scene: No There is no delay in Zombies, there is no set up, there is no warning, there are just zombies.  Scary fast fucking zombies.  28 Days Later gave us a look at fast zombies.  The loss of nations […]

Monsters University Movie Review

One Sentence: The classic underdog college movie, monster style. Rated: G Nudity: None After Credits Scene: Yes Monsters Inc, is my favorite Pixar movie.   I loved the creativity of it, the color, the story, Boo, Mike and Sully.  So I was excited about the prequel Monsters University.  I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but I […]

Man Of Steel Movie Review

One Sentence: A completely unremarkable experience. Rated: PG-13 After Credits Scene: No Nudity: None I feel sorry for anyone directing a super hero movie, especially a Superman one.  The expectation are so high, the past movies so bad, and there is just so much sitting on your shoulders.  You better not mess up this story […]

The Purge Movie Review

One Sentence: It does make you ask yourself that question. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits: None I am tagging The Purge as a thriller.  I am doing this because there is nothing supernatural in it.  It is not gratuitous in it’s blood and gore, and it deals with the emotions of people in a […]

The Kings Of Summer Movie Review

  One Sentence: A coming of age film that I think every kid should see. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits Scene:  Yes I was getting tired of those independents that are all about hipsters being hipstery with their muted toned blazers and their lost love issues.  It seemed like every movie coming out was […]

This Is The End Movie Review

  One Sentence: Everyone plays themselves and it is awesome. Rated: R Release Date: 7-Jun-2013 Nudity: Some penis. I can’t think of anything more I would love than a comedy where all my favorite comedy actors play themselves and the end of the world happens.  It really is an amazing idea and if done right […]

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