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Closed Circuit Movie Review

  One Sentence: Not the gripping thriller I had hoped for. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits: None This movie is 96 minutes long.  It is a movie about a bomb going off in a public place, a government trying to hide evidence in a highly public trial, and the people who know too much. […]

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Movie Review

  One Sentence: I think this was probably a better book. Rated: PG-13 Nudity: None After Credits: None Have you ever watched a movie and you were making excuses for it.  Hoping that it would get better or wouldn’t keep getting worse as the movie went on?  That you liked the idea of this movie […]

Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review

One One Sentence: Kick-Ass 2 kicks a whole lot of ass. Rated: R Nudity: Boobs After Credits Scene: Yes Kick-Ass came along and it blew me away.  It was funny, action packed and awesome.  It seemed like a tiny movie with a big story that did very well.  Kick-Ass 2 got announced and I was […]

Elysium Movie Review

One Sentence: It is like District 9 with Matt Damon instead of Aliens. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits Scene: None If I were to take the parts of Elysium I liked and the parts I thought were overdone action that didn’t really fit into the movie that I thought I was watching I would […]

Planes Movie Review

One Sentence: This isn’t a Pixar or Disney Animation Studios movie. Rated: PG Nudity: None After Credits Scene: None So the first thing I noticed is that the word Disney appeared above the title of the movie on the promotional material I had been given.  That was an immediate red flag, that means that this […]

We’re The Millers Movie Review

One Sentence: Eyebrows! Rated: R Nudity: Man parts After Credits Scene: During Credits I don’t have much to say about We’re The Millers.  The movie is wonderfully average.  I say wonderful because it wasn’t awful, poorly put together, or really had anything to let me tear it apart.  It was funny, it worked, and that […]

2 Guns Movie Review

One Sentence: Nobody followed the law in this movie, the good or bad guys. Rated: R Nudity: One pair of boobs After Credits Scene: None I know in most movies about police and under cover agents, there is that point where they must cross the line.  I get it, it makes for a good movie, […]

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