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Don Jon Movie Review

One Sentence: A lot of porn. Rated: R Nudity: Tons After Credits: None Don Jon is not for everyone.  It is explicit, brash, and hard to deal with.  If you have stars in your eyes about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being in anything, and that he is so dreamy you might be surprised by Don Jon.  He […]

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Movie Review

  One Sentence: Visually beautiful and good family fun. Rated: PG Nudity: None After Credits: During So when this movie was coming out I thought to myself.  I remember liking Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, but I hardly remember it.  I don’t think that it especially mattered, but I at least wanted a recap […]

Rush Movie Review

  One Sentence: A powerful story that could only be real. Rated: R Nudity: Boobs After Credits: None Starting in 2012 with the American Grand Prix, I have become a fan of F1, in that short amount of time, I have learned a lot about the history of the sport, the teams, the changes that […]

Prisoners Movie Review

  One Sentence: The best crime thriller since Silence Of The Lambs. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits: None I started writing reviews because I love movies.  I watch so many and have a point of view that I think some other people might be interested in.  If I was going to look at what […]

The Family Movie Review

  One Sentence: These people deserve nothing. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits: None There are not many times that I can remember where I never saw a place for a movie.  Even movies I have hated I have felt like they probably have a place in Cinema, or with a certain set of fans, […]

Riddick Movie Review

One Sentence: I feel like it’s 2000 all over again. Rated: R Nudity: Katee Sackhoff and others boobs. After Credits: None Fast And Furious is back, xXx is coming back with Vin as well, and Riddick comes out this weekend.  I don’t know what lucky creature Vin Diesel has hidden in his house, but I […]

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