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One Sentence: New princesses for your children to want toys of.

Rated: PG

Nudity: None

After Credits: Clip after credits.

I am thinking about Beauty And The Beast, and the montage of the song where Belle is in the castle with Beast and they play in the snow, and show the growth of being together and her seeing something new in Beast.  It is an amazing use of montage, for time reasons and is really well done.  Frozen delivered a montage that was about the loss of a connection, and rushed by everything else.  It is 20 minutes longer than Beauty And The Beast but felt so much shorter, and that there was far less story.

Frozen is beautiful, with 2 beautiful princesses that play in the snow.  They have 2 beautiful castles, and have a funny little snowman friend.  They sing songs that sound cute but are quickly forgotten.  The movie hits all the points you need it to.  Peril, love, danger, comedy and a villain…sort of.  It does all the things a Disney movie should do, but only a few times did it feel like a magical movie experience.  It felt lost and wandering, trying to make magic happen, instead of it just being a magical story.

In the end it felt like I got new characters, and a new kingdom and castle, but nothing else with it.  I got the toys, and vinylmation figures, the Norway pavilion remodel at EPCOT, but I didn’t get the reason for all of it in the movie.  I don’t want to go as far as to say it felt like a cash grab, because it was a quality work, and I had a good time with it.  I just didn’t have the magical Disney moment you hope to have every time you see that castle on screen at the beginning of a movie.

3 out of 5 for Frozen

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