Maleficent Movie Review

maleficent poster

One Sentence: Ok, make them all now Disney.

Rated: PG

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

As a critic I am tasked with pointing out the good and the bad with a movie.  In fairness I did say this to my fiance last night.  “I wish the dragon fire was green, and I wish the guys that threw the mud looked a little less cartoony. ”  There it is, my huge list of things that are wrong with Maleficent.  I loved this movie.  I loved every minute of it.  Before this movie I felt like things like The Warcraft movie might of still been a bit too complex.  All of those thoughts are gone.  I now believe that anythings visually can be created for a movie.  It was stunning.

Now I would like to take a moment and talk about Angelina Jolie.  I have never loved her.  However I can not think of anyone else to have played this role.  She was perfect as Maleficent.  She invoked emotion and pain without speaking.  Her movements were amazing.  Her face and the makeup were so amazing it made for the best creation of an animated character come to life I have ever seen.  Without her this movie would of been cool, but she made this movie outstanding.    I fell in love with the character that she played in this movie, it is rare that I say that.

Along with all of that, this is a Disney animated movie come to life.  It is magical, and beautiful, colorful and dark.  There are princes, and princesses and fairies, and dragons.  It has made me say that I am ready for them to remake all of these movies in live action.  I believe they can do it and I believe they can deliver some amazing movies, based on some very classic stories.  I haven’t been this excited about Disney work since John Lassiter took over as hard of Pixar and Animation at Disney.  I can not say enough good things about Maleficent and I think you all should go see it as soon as your possibly can.

5 Stars

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