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One Sentence: I am not sure what this movie was trying to say.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: During the credits.

Melissa McCarthy is on fire as I am sure you know.  Which can be a bad thing.  She gets put into movies just because it is her, and she gets projects that maybe should of never been made because she is in them or attached to them.  Melissa and her real life husband Ben Falcone wrote Tammy together and both star in the movie as well.  Ben directed it and this is one of those times where I think everyone was just nodding yes to a star and nothing else mattered, because Tammy didn’t work for me.

While this character you ended up liking for her caring heart, she also didn’t want to learn anything.  She has a mixed up character of something that you would never ever be friends with who you wish had made better choices in life because she is a nice person when she wants to be.  This character didn’t work for me, as every time I felt like she was taking a step forward she also took a step back.  It was supported by a bunch of other horrible characters who I really didn’t care to find out what would happen with them.  A lot of people I didn’t need a story told about.

This all led to the end of the movie that was sort of a romantic ending and had no learned moments at the end.  At least I didn’t think so.  We have this long journey down the path of a not so great person who didn’t really learn anything or change in any way.  I left the theater thinking what was the point of this movie.  I also didn’t think it was very funny.  So Melissa isn’t great in everything and Tammy is proof of that.  I would skip this one completely.

2 Stars for Tammy

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