Sex Tape

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One Sentence: Rated R and so much better for it.

Rated: R

Nudity: Butts

After Credits: None

In the first 2 minutes of this movie you know it’s rated R for a reason.  Jason Segel wrote another amazing movie written for adults about being adults and delivered it with a lot of laughs.  It does everything you want, it doesn’t pull punches on jokes, it makes fun of your kids, it’s sexy, it’s funny, and everyone in it seems like they are down for whatever the script asked for.  Which in a rated R comedy about sex, that is really important.  I am so happy with everyone’s performances in this movie, they seemed to really believe in what they were doing if it the scenes were a little uncomfortable to shoot.

Cameron Diaz and Rob Lowe are the two stand out’s in this movie.  Cameron because she seemed so open to everything they threw at her.  Graphically funny sex scenes, outfits, drug use, and just being a mom.  She really went all out on the character and it really helped make this movie be so much more than just a rated R comedy.  She really helped make it feel real, and genuine.  Rob Lowe on the other hand made this movie feel silly and off the wall.  Which is also awesome.  While it did have a message, it was a good story, and it was rooted in reality, they gave him an amazing part that was just crazy.  It allowed us to have the balance of some reality and some really insane comedy, and Rob was amazing at it.  It all made for a wonderful movie that I enjoyed very much.

I think it is an easy call for full date night this weekend.  Do not bring the kids, and expect some adult content, but it is very well written and very funny.

5 Stars for Sex Tape

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