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So there is a new Terminator trilogy out starting today.  Did you know they needed to make 3 more movies about John Connor or Sarah Connor getting hunted by robots.  Why not just pick every day of the their lives to send back Terminators.  This one at a time thing doesn’t seem to be working out too well for the machines.

So in this one there is a Terminator, and Sarah Connor and John Connor and another Terminator.  There is also Cyberdine systems.  So, once you get over that this whole thing is starting again, this isn’t a reboot, and we have seen this all before.  Terminator Genisys is a fun movie to watch.  It isn’t a smart movie, but I think we have gotten used to that with the Terminator franchise by now.  It is everything you would expect from another Terminator movie.  Khalessi does fine as the new Sarah Connor, and is my favorite character in the whole movie.  In general you should be ok watching this movie…



Ok, so essentially they pretty much broke all the old movies, and not just in the oh we are using a new alternative timeline crap.  Which they did use.  So all of this movie and the next two are alternate timelines.  That is why they can get away with sending even more Terminator’s back in time, but that is not my main issue.  My main issue happens in the beginning of the movie where they wrote into the script a fault where it makes all the movies after the first to be impossible to occur.  Which bothers me so much.  It makes everything about these movies mean so much less, and make me not even care anymore.  If you are going to just throw out important plot lines then do not expect people to keep coming back for more of the same movie.  The story arc is the only thing keeping people coming back for these movies over and over, and since they threw it all out, it really makes me like Terminator Genisys a lot less.

So Terminator Genisys is a new movie, screw the old stuff and lets start over.  So I guess for a stand alone movie and the first in a trilogy it was just ok.  Nothing amazing, and nothing you have not seen before in 4 other movies…that don’t exist anymore.

3 Stars for Terminator Genisys

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