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The reason this review is late is because I forgot I saw Self/Less.  I saw a preview for it last night on TV really late and I said, oh crap.  I forgot to write this review.  I saw it on Monday.  Now I see a lot of movies as a critic, and so they do get a bit mashed up with each other, and the less important ones seem to fade away a lot quicker than they used to.  This one was gone in just a day or so.  It is truly hard to find something special anymore.

Self/Less actually deals with a subject that I believe in and think we will be handling in my lifetime.  Body or brain transfer.  So while the idea is something I am interested in, the actual execution was not so great.  The movie ends up being an action movie about a man fighting a deranged doctor with unlimited resources and hired thugs.  It just ends up being a gun and car chase movie with some slight sci-fi that does not deliver much of anything.

They did not use Ryan Reynolds very well, they did not use Ben Kingsley at all.  We are supposed to believe it is the same person in both bodies, but they acted nothing like each other.  It really didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  It felt like a really cheap movie, that could only spend its budget on a car chase, so they skimped in other places.  Stark sets, small rooms and a lack of depth helped make the movie feel more hollow.  There just wasn’t enough sci-fi, story or something else for you to grab onto.  It was just 2 hours that passed by.

I don’t think this is a movie you should spend theater money on.  I think you can be entertained with it, looking for something to watch and home, but don’t go out of your way to see it.  2 Stars

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