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The Neon Demon

I was with The Neon Demon.  I was loving the color, the music, the crafted coolness of the story.  It was dark, sinister, and innocent all at the same time.  It was working, and it wasn’t going to lose me.  Then The Neon Demon appeared in the movie and it all just fell apart.  It […]

Finding Dory

I need to first state that I watched this movie in 3-D and it was so dark that I could not enjoy this movie.  It was so dark with the 3-D glasses on that I took them off half way through the movie and watched it without the glasses on.  It was easier to watch […]

Now You See Me 2

See the cast, see the all black wearing trenchcoats and hats cast, they are the attempt at making another Ocean’s Eleven.  See the maze of cards, it’s all twisty and misdirected.  It is what this movie is attempting to be, twisty, but it just ends up being misdirected.  The first movie was entertaining enough, and was […]

TMNT: Out Of The Shadows

I recently went to the Austin Toy Museum.  They have displays set up of different toy lines that have come out since the 60’s.  You should really check them out if you are in Austin.  The one that really stuck out to me was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles display.  It was an amazing time […]

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