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I need to first state that I watched this movie in 3-D and it was so dark that I could not enjoy this movie.  It was so dark with the 3-D glasses on that I took them off half way through the movie and watched it without the glasses on.  It was easier to watch fuzzy than it was with the 3-D glasses on.  So I really think my ability to properly review this movie is compromised.  I just have a bad taste in my mouth about it.

So I can already tell I am not in a good mood about this review.  Thinking about the 3-D issue has made me upset and it is making the flaws glaring and the good parts fade into the darkness that was Finding Dory in 3-D.  So I guess let’s just go with the 3-D review, because you all are going to watch this movie anyway, with or without my review.

Most times I find 3-D to be completely useless.  Seeing all movies that are available in 3-D has made 3-D visually unviewable to me for most movies.  If the color is right, then I literally will not see the 3-D effects.  If there is an issue with the 3-D it effects the movie greatly.  This is usually in the form of color, or darkness.  The 3-D glasses are practically sunglasses, and if they do not adjust the color upwards to account for that, you get a lot less detail.  Finding Dory has a lot of dark scenes.  Scenes in dark pipes, or kelp gardens that are very dark.  I felt like I missed over half the movie because of the color issue.  If they were not on the surface or at the reef I felt like it was too dark to watch.  Usually animated movies have the least problems with 3-D because the color adjustments are made during the creation process for 3-D, but it doesn’t seem like it happened with Finding Dory.  So it is pretty obvious if you are at the box office and looking at if you should see it in 3-D or not.  Skip it, stop paying for it and the studios will stop doing it and I will not have to watch all these damn movies in 3-D anymore.

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