Keanu Movie Review

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First I must disclose something before I write this review.  I received a package from the marketing group for Keanu.  I received a plush Keanu kitty and a calendar with all the photos of Keanu in the various movie poses that are part of the story.   Here is an example of one of the pictures from the calendar.  If you want to see all of them, they are in the movie…so if you want to see them you better get to the theater.

Keanu as Mad Max Furry Road


These pictures are awesome and I think well worth the price of admission themselves.

Some of you might not be into kitty movie call backs and really want to know if this movie is any good and if you should plop down your hard earned cash.  The trailer doesn’t sell it very well and you are worried I get it.  Even though the photo above should be enough for everyone.

Keanu is a semi fun movie that doesn’t live up to its full potential.  It is funny, I had a good time watching it and I felt like they could of done so much more.  Keanu feels like the type of movie that will be played on Comedy Central every Sunday for the next 10 years.  Like Harold and Kumar.  It was solid and isn’t bad in any way.  It just wasn’t amazing either and that is what we all wanted.  Something amazing with Key and Peele and a kitten.  I felt like the cat was under utilized, they could of done so much more with him.  While the movie is funny, it just doesn’t have the punch of getting off the network TV leash and having a rated R movie to do a lot more with.

I want to convey that I did have a lot of fun watching this movie and felt like it is worth seeing even in the theater, it just wasn’t the comedy home run I wish it was.

3 Stars for Keanu

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

Batman v Superman Poster

Here is the math.  2 and half hours, Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, another bad guy, and some other Justice League stuff.  There has to be a large fight at least that takes up some time.  So you can figure out that there is a lot of stuff going on in this movie and even at two and a half hours there is not enough time to get to it all.

Batman is confused, Superman is confused, they are confusing us.  The first half of this movie there was just too much to get to, and it just did not work.  Affleck’s Bruce Wayne was too aloof at some times and way too angry at other times.  His motivations for everything he did, did not seem to fit what batman is about at all.  Superman was actually exactly correct to me.  Silent, confused, and attempting to fight the good fight.  Then they added in all the other things, a horrible Lex Luthor who is more crazy than genius, which doesn’t work.  He was more like the Joker than the central focus of the world’s criminal and technological organizations.  Justice League stuff, which was provided very little information that it could of been left out and made the movie actually better.  After the first half of the movie and they got all of this stuff out of the way, the movie actually picks up and starts delivering.

Diana Prince shows up and is the best part of the movie.  From here on out the Batman V Superman starts to work.  They got all the attempted story out of the way and started delivering punches, a more linear story, and a resolution.   It all ends up with a feeling that you did watch a mostly good movie, but upon reflection there are a lot of things wrong with Batman v. Superman.  So many so that I would even say you could rent this movie if you don’t love DC.

Writing this now I can say I did have fun watching Batman V. Superman.  If I had paid 20 bucks to see it however I might be a little bit more upset about it.

3 Stars Batman V. Superman

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane Poster

So up until a month ago almost no one knew that this movie even existed.  Going along with the original Cloverfield theme of viral marketing, secrecy, and misdirection, 10 Cloverfield Lane comes out tomorrow.  No one knowing what it is about, or will we be seeing more for the world famous monster from the sea.  All we know is John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. are in it, and there is a bunker.  That is about all we know.

Well I saw it last night and this is what I will say about it.   When the first Cloverfield came out there were so many questions.  J.J Abrams replied with, we only know what the people on the ground are seeing.  We know only what they know.  10 Cloverfield Lane is the same in this regard.  We only know what those in the movie experience, and it is genius.  While the first Cloverfield was a wonderful explosion of viral marketing and small details and shots that do not show us enough to answer questions and make us want more.  10 Cloverfield Lane perfected it.  This is a very well put together movie that keeps you wondering what exactly is happening right until the end.

Let me say however this is a very scary movie.  It is not fun horror like Cloverfield, or even action thriller.  This movie is very chilling, is more a psychological thriller than any other type of movie and it is will cause you to jump and stop breathing, so be warned.  This movie is carried by John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead who are amazing.  They really made this movie, without their stellar acting this movie would of not been as good as it was.  I left the movie smiling and in shock.  It was such an amazing, scary experience.

I am giving this movie 5 stars, but that does not mean I think you should go see it directly in the theater.  If you can not handle horror that feels real, like it could happen to you, then this movie is probably not for you.  It is one of the scariest movies I have seen in a long time so be warned.  If that sounds good to you, go see it tonight if you can, you want to talk about this movie with your friends as soon as you can.

5 Stars for 10 Cloverfield Lane


Risen Poster

Having seen very little about Risen before going to see the movie I am not sure of what this movie was supposed to be.  The trailer I watched implied a missing Jesus body, and the hunt by those who do not believe to find him.   I had gathered from this, that this was going to be a secular movie, with hints of Jesus, and his miracles.  Instead it was pretty much a third person viewing of his miracles and left no mystery at all.

Maybe mystery is not the intent of these movies.  We already have the mystery in the texts themselves, why do we need to make it more questionable in the movies we watch about Jesus.   The Ten Commandments sure did not shroud it’s godly plagues from the viewers, nor the parting of the Red Sea.   However with The Ten Commandments, those were spectacular special effects that were the most cutting edge of the time.  The one’s in Risen are not spectacular at all with flashes of light and fadings.   So we must review this movie as it was presented to us.   A telling of Jesus’ death, rise from death, and ascent into heaven.

As a movie that tells this story it is slow, without peril or conflict, and is too known to be exciting or unexpected.  The problem with the greatest story ever told is that it has been told a lot.  How many ways can we crucify Jesus, or see his tomb, or see him rise, or see how sweet his hair looks.  In Risen his hair is amazing.  The acting is fine, and the sets are fine, and it is all just fine.  A slow retelling that will not change your heart, your mind, or really make you see this in a different way than you already do.

2 Stars for Risen

13 Hours The Secret Soldiers Of Bengazi

13 hours psoter

These movies that are based on true stories.  I always wonder how much is real.  How accurate do you think they are?  I don’t mean in the small details, those can be swayed whichever way the director decides.  The big details though, the timeline, the intensity.  How close to reality were those things?  Because in 13 hours, to think that any of this was real, is absolutely insane.

I looked over Michael Bay’s director list.  I would say Bad Boys was his best movie prior to this 13 hours.   This movie blows anything else he has done out of the water.  Character development that feels real.  A level of intensity that doesn’t feel like a joke or comical.  A script that is based in that Michael Bay kept in reality and it delivers that reality in stunning, scary clarity.   I felt afraid for these people, I felt like I was seeing something no one was supposed to see and I was hooked into it.

This is a hero movie, and it is done in a perfectly quiet and respectful way.  It doesn’t shove America down your throat or pick a political side.  It feels like it shows actually what happened.  The acting by everyone involved help prop up this great movie.  This was one of those movies where everyone understood what the goal of this movie was and everyone that was a part of it delivered their portion to make that goal a reality.  13 Hours is a great movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone to go see this weekend.  This recommendation has been a long time coming for Michael Bay.

4 Stars for 13 Hours

In The Heart Of The Sea

In The Heart Of The Sea Poster

In The Heart Of The Sea is another story from reality told by the watchful eye of Ron Howard.  In The Heart Of The Sea is a movie without meaning or agenda.  It is a telling of what happened, based on actual accounts that were recovered from the people who lived to tell the tale.  It doesn’t want to deliver a story about the fall of man, or the destruction of Earth and it’s creatures.  It tells the story of 20 men on a ship that ran into a whale.  What you take from that story is yours to take, and that is what is wonderful about In The Heart Of The Sea.

It is not the only thing making this beautiful film worth watching.   Amazing CG and wonderful acting round out this tale and make it worth watching in the theater.  It is a story about men on a boat hunting whales for whale oil.  It shows the hunting process and it does not cut away or leave anything to the imagination, so be prepared.  This movie feels real, it feels scary and it feels like a true story worth telling regardless of the outcome.  No agenda needed, it is just a good story.  The picture it paints of these lives and the lives of this time period of 1820 with a great clarity.  It felt real, and looked amazing.

There is a lot of movies to pick from right now and coming up, so a whaling epic might not be on your top choices.  This movie is visually amazing and delivers a great story.  I think it is well worth paying for in the theater.  You can as usual skip the 3-D.  It is not worth the extra money.  If you are looking for a movie this weekend before all the movies coming out for Christmas I would check out In The Heat Of The Sea.

4 Stars In The Heart of The Sea

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Mockingjay part 2 poster

I don’t think they should of made Mockingjay 2 movies.  I thought it after I saw the first and I thought it again after I concluded the series.  The choice is to milk it for more money, show a little bit more, and they were successful on both those fronts.   We know Mockingjay is going to make bank, but it doesn’t make it any less true that these movies are weaker apart.

I loved the first two Hunger Games movies.  I thought they were amazing looking, had awesome characters, and really made you feel for the citizens of Panem.  Mockingjay felt like a rushed, far weaker closing to this “trilogy.”  Splitting up the movies led to a far weaker first movie where nothing happened, and was horribly boring.  They had to fill 2 hours and they did not have anything to fill it with, so it felt cold, careless and struggling for story.   Mockingjay part 2 felt like it was half a movie.  At barely over 2 hours it really didn’t deliver that much either.  It was intended to have a “Hunger Games” style arena type movie, but it was a small part of the movie and felt very weak compared to the previous arenas.  It all was just a poor choice.

Mockingjay part 2 ends as you would expect.  It delivers on your expectations of what is supposed to happen.  It delivers the ending of a teen book trilogy.  I think that is where I am most disappointed, after all of this build up, years of story, and millions of dollars, it ended, and it was not exciting or unexpected.  It ended with a sunset and a fade to black and felt like I didn’t even need to see this movie to get to this ending.  This movie is more a failure of story and executive decisions, than it was on ground level execution.  I don’t know which is worse.

So as I stated in my other review for this week.  If I was going to pick a movie for this weekend, I would pick The Night Before.  It is a far better movie all around.  You can catch Mockingjay on HBO whenever it comes out on that.

3 Stars for Mockingjay part 2

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