Terra Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 85 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: The best animated movie you have never heard of. 

I like to think I am up on animation, I find animated movies to have a much higher level of quality and storytelling than many movies, so I am usually paying attention to what movies are coming out when and try to get to a lot of them.  Terra, is a movie I have never heard of or knew about until fantastic fest, and I must say it was amazing.  

Terra is about Man and an alien race clashing on the aliens home world of Terra.  It deals with peace and war and man's warring attitude.  The storyline is political, and topical.  It delievers a solid plot that I think has a great meassage and holds some power behind it.  I think this might be why I had not heard of this movie, it might be a little too adult for a kid audience.  I am not one of the belief that animation needs to be for kids, but for a wide release in America it does. 

The animation is CG and beautiful.  It shows no signs of being low budget, or not having a good group of animators behind it.  The acting list is large and deep and also shows a large backed studio film.  Which is odd because I know nothing of a release of this movie in the US at all.  (This is an english movie) So if it comes out I think you should check it out if you can, rental or in the theater, because I thought Terra was one of the best movies I have seen at Fantastic Fest so far.  

4 Stars 

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