Pride And Glory

Pride And Glory Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 125 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: Sort of, not really.

One Sentence: More corrupt cops doing corrupt things.

These movies make me feel dirty, they make me hate New York City, and they make me not trust the cops.  This movie is a dark look at bad cops doing bad things, and a family of cops surounded by those bad things.  It potrays the dark underlife of street cops in New York City and doesn't really provide much in the way of good people, or hope.  When I left the theater I wanted a shower. 

I know it's weak or uncritic like to say, these looks at the dark underbelly of police life, that have no glimmer of anything positive make me dislike them almost immediatly.  They at least have to work a hell of a lot harder for me to like the movie or appreciate it for what it is.  It makes me write to you, what was the point.  Storytelling?  Is there a story here?  Is there justice?  Is this 2 hours of shit being poured on you worth it?  I guess if you are into that sort of thing then yes, but for me it's a no.  Especially if the story is weak as well. 

There is nothing here in this movie that would make me say this is anything better than an ok movie.  The actors that you have don't deliever anything really hard, memorable, or worth mentioning.  The story as you might of guessed is, while dark, bland and not really new.  There is a level of realistic violence that might be worth mentioning but it's lost on the rest of the movie.  It just has too much negativie and not enough positive to back it up.  I can't get behind this movie and reccomend it to you.  So skip it.

2 Stars 

  • An Unforgettable Crime Drama
    Pride and Glory would have to be up there on the year’s top 10 best films for me. It was an amazing film with one of the best performances from Colin Farrell since In Bruges. Edward Norton was at the top of his game. I am not an Ed Norton fan and I loved him in this film.

    Came across a site which has wallpapers and other interesting trivia of
    this movie..

    Ankit| Adept Media |

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