Tangled Movie Review

Tangled Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: This is the year of the Animated Movie

Rated: PG

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Release Date: 24-Nov-2010

Nudity: None

Of all the animated movies this year, I was least excited about this movie.  It had a lot of re-edits was not going to get released and lots of other things that have plagued this release for at least a couple of years.  I felt like this was the movie that was going to end the streak of great animated movies of 2010.  I was very very wrong.  Tangled is a great family comedy perfect for Thanksgiving.  

This movie is classic Disney fairy tale, in cg.  It more resembles The Little Mermaid and other 90's Disney movies than it does Pixar's movies of the 2000's.  It is funny, cute, and well put together.  The characters are wonderful and it has a good balance of good vs evil all done in a modern way.  The horse Maximus who doesn't speak is especially hilarious and is one of my most favorite Disney characters of the last 20 years.  It took a little bit for me to get into Tangled, but once I did, I loved it.  There were some scenes that were visually amazing and I thought it was one of the prettiest animated movies ever made.  

This movie is a great pick for this holiday weekend.  If you haven't seen HP 7.1 then that is my first pick for everyone going to the movies this weekend, but if you already saw it.  Tangled is a great movie for everyone.  It is worth the full price ticket and parents will have just as much fun with it as the kids.  Disney delivered a great CG movie.  

4 Stars 

  • Rah

    The movie “Tangled” brings me back to when I’m was growing up. I have seen every movie that DISNEY has created and it’s been sometime since I have seen a singing movie. Talking over this movie with one of my co-workers at DISH reminds me of those movies and that my daughter had not seen them all. So for me to order this movie in HD on PPV for her it was a fun experience and I would love to show her all the movies I have seen growing up so she knows where this one was inspired from. “Tangled” was fabulous and I’m happy I had the experience in watching it and falling in love with the new movie and the chameleon that was hilarious to me!

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