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The Descendants Movie Review

One Sentence: Do people in Hawaii really wear Hawaiian shirts? Rated: R Release Date: 16-Nov-2011 Nudity: None I just had a conversation with friends that there had not been a lot of good movies this year.  Overall the feel was Hollywood and crap, with very little that we would feel would get a best picture […]

Hugo Movie Review

One Sentence: Your kids might not like it, but you will. Rated: PG Release Date: 23-Nov-2011 Nudity: None Hugo is not the movie you think it is.  There is no magic, there are not any super magical robot dolls that make things happen, and it is about the history of film making.  I bet you […]

The Muppets Movie Review

One Sentence: Sweet, but not that funny. Rated: PG Release Date: 23-Nov-2011 Nudity: None I am sure everyone is aware that The Muppets are coming back thanks to the barrage of Muppet all over the TV right now.  Adidas custom Kermit shoes, Muppets on SNL, car commercials, and of course The Muppets movie.  Disney has […]

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review

One Sentence: The vampire Kardashian wedding movie. Rated: PG-13, should of been R, it was very gory. Release Date: 18-Nov-2011 Nudity: Some side shots style. I know I am not the audience, I get it.  I have said this before about these Twilight movies, that I am not the target, but really, an hour long […]

J. Edgar Movie Review

One Sentence: Too much make up. Rated: R Release Date: 11-Nov-2011 Nudity: None I think this is an expected Oscar contender movie.  Directed by Clint Eastwood. A Biopic on one of the 20th centuries most famous people.  Heavy subject matter, and dark looks into unknown family lives.  It has everything it needs I think.  Except […]

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