Hugo Movie Review

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One Sentence: Your kids might not like it, but you will.

Rated: PG

Release Date: 23-Nov-2011

Nudity: None

Hugo is not the movie you think it is.  There is no magic, there are not any super magical robot dolls that make things happen, and it is about the history of film making.  I bet you didn’t expect that.  I guess there is a bit of magic, but it is in the craft of the storytelling and the stunning ability to put together this visual story without much more than a few gears from a clock.

Hugo will bore your kids to death.  It bored the way too loud, annoying hipster 20 something sitting next to me during the screening.  It might bore those that do not love movies for the sake of movies.  I understand how this movie could feel slow to a lot of people.  It tells it’s story, slowly, and carefully.  It doesn’t miss tiny details, and leaves you wondering what will happen in a curious open ended way, not in an edge of your seat type of way.  It is really wonderful moving making in my opinion.  But, you might be bored with it.  I was so interested in the history come to life I did not feel the slowness, I loved every second of the ticking clocks and spinning gears.  But your kids will be squirming in their seats wondering why you dragged them to this movie.

Hugo is a hard one for me to recommend.  If it were a bunch of me I would say go see it for sure.  Others I am not so sure about.  You have to be interested in family focused movies that are about historical figures from the early 1900’s in France who made movies or like clocks.  This seems like a small group.  I think this movie is a renter for sure, but this is not the family choice for this weekend with your 3 and 6 year old.

4 Stars

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