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Rise Of The Guardians Movie Review

One Sentence: A fun family action movie. Rated: PG Release Date: 21-Nov-2012 Nudity: None This movie looks weird.  Visually it looks weird, for those who have never played a Final Fantasy game in the last decade, and the story looks weird.  It doesn’t look like your normal holiday fare, and actually it isn’t even a […]

Lincoln Movie Review

One Sentence: Daniel Day Lewis is amazing. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 16-Nov-2012 Nudity: None Biopics are great, little tricks.  They recreate history to be entertaining, all while sort of teaching you what really happened.  They at least attempt it, and add a bit of drama and dialogue to make it digestible.   Lincoln isn’t a […]

Skyfall Movie Review

One Sentence: Javier Bardem should be the villian in every movie. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 09-Nov-2012 Nudity: None There was a time where this movie was never going to happen, or any other Bond movie.  Money issues were leading down a path that was going to be grim for Mr. Bond.  Then news came that […]

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review

One Sentence:  Disney animation studios is having a great year. Rated: PG Release Date: 02-Nov-2012 Nudity: None This might be the first Disney movie that I think you might not want to take your kids to.  Not because it is adult in nature, it still has the layout of a family movie and you would […]

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