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If you are like me, you were a little worried about Inside Out.  Based on what you have seen so far, it didn’t look too good.  It didn’t seem to catch your imagination from the trailers, and it looked a little too junior for you.  Well I am here to tell you to throw out all those prejudices and get to the first screening you possibly can for Inside Out.  The best Pixar movie ever made.

Whoa whoa whoa…The Best Pixar Movie Ever Made?!?  Yes!  I am not discounting the ground breaking work Toy Story did, or the amazing level of feelings we never felt for an animated character before from Boo and Sully in Monsters Inc.   Those movies were stellar amazing works of art and I am not saying they are any less great.  However Inside Out is a work of pure genius.  A culmination of 20 years of work finding the best artists, computer scientists, actors, writers, and directors, and every other person who touched this movie to make one of the most creative, amazing, funny, beautiful, pieces of animation that has ever been created.  I truly think every person in the world should see this movie by the time they are 8 years old and then every couple of years after that.  It is a amazing look at ourselves, our minds, and who we are as a people, and maybe help everyone understand everyone else just a little bit more.

I can not say enough good things about Pete Doctor the writer and director of Inside Out, and writer of Toy Story and Monster Inc.  He is truly a creator of amazing works that touch us in amazing ways and I think Inside Out is his best work.  I hope he never stops creating and and we get to see more from him.

I think without Amy Poehler and Lewis Black this movie might not have been as great as it was.  Both of them with their amazing way they conveyed their very specific characters with their voices was pure perfection.  They helped make the vision of Inside Out come to life in an amazing way.  I think this movie is the best movie of the year, and might be the first time an animated movie will win best picture at the Oscars.

It is so hard to say more without explaining what happened in this movie, so I am not going to say anything more about it.  Just that you should go see it tonight if you can.  Take off of work tomorrow.  Take your kids this weekend, whenever you can find the time.  Inside out truly is a magical experience, and well worth the full, 3-D whatever super ++ theater experience you can see it in.

5 Stars for Inside Out

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